From billion dollar fraudsters to CMS’s concerns, these top five articles were MedicFP’s most read for 2016!

1) Blog of Shame: Rehab Fraud Victims Key in $175M Fraud Scheme: In one of the most shocking fraud cases of the year, self-proclaimed “Rehab Mogul” Christopher Bathum not only defrauded patients and insurers out of $175 million, but he also sexually abused at least nine female patients.

2) Why Medicare and Medicaid Are So Vulnerable to Fraud: The blog post that kicked off the White Paper gives a clear and detailed look at the vulnerability of Medicare and Medicaid – and what we can do about it.

3) A Look at Modern Healthcare Fraud: This article discussed the estimated yearly cost of fraud, the rise of data breaches, and some of the most concerning and heartless healthcare fraud cases, including the Dr. Fata case.

4) Pay-and-Chase Methods Unreliable for CMS: During September’s Healthcare Fraud Investigations hearing, the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight Subcommittee, Peter Roskam (and several lawmakers) stated clearly that CMS’ reliance on after-the-fact “pay-and-chase” methods of recovery don’t work. This became an emerging theme of 2016 and that’s why the Pay-and-Chase recap made it into our top five.

5) Blog of Shame: $1 Billion in Fraud by Only 3 Floridians: No sooner had the media declared this fraud case to be the motherload, when only three weeks later this game-changing story broke on July 22, 2016. Three Floridians – ALF and nursing home owner Philip Esformes, hospital administrator Odette Barcha, and physician’s assistant Amaldo Carmouze – were behind this $1-billion fraud scheme which impacted hundreds of elderly patients and dominated the healthcare news cycle.

The common theme in all of these blog posts is that MedicFP’s healthcare fraud prevention solution could have effectively stopped hundreds of billions of dollars from walking out the door – and could have protected countless healthcare fraud victims. Enough is enough! Call us today.

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